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Hygiene and visual ergonomics tips for students:











When reading or writing we should not get too close to the text. Neither tilt or turn the head or back. We should do all activities closely at the same distance between the elbow close to our body and the first phalanx of the middle finger.


Use general lighting in the room and one that is focused on the task that you do up close but do not dazzle you.

Attention: right-handers on your left and left-handers on your right.


Wearing sunglasses is a good option to prevent ultraviolet rays from entering the eyeballs and damaging the cells of these throughout the year. Eyestrain from the sun should be avoided before an exam.


It is desirable that the table top has an inclination of about 20 degrees to facilitate a good posture when reading or writing.


We should not read or study when we are too tired or about to fall asleep. Neither read or study as soon as we get up in the morning, we will try to wait at least an hour if possible for the eyes to wake up.


To relax your eyes when reading, every 30 minutes, look at an image (numbers on a calendar, for example) in the distance. This will relax the accommodation of the eye, that is, it will make it easier for you to study longer and lengthen the ability to concentrate.


Tip: When you study, put a mark three or four pages ahead. When you get to it, get up and move for at least a minute.


During study time, blink from time to time in front of the monitor or any screen to lubricate your eyes with tears. Of course make sure to maintain good posture while sitting to avoid back or neck pain.


When you go by car avoid reading or other activities up close, it is preferable to look from a distance because you can get dizzy.


Come to Losan Clinic Optical Center for an optical study every year or whenever you notice: visual fatigue, headaches, changes in your vision from far or near. Because these symptoms decrease your performance in studies or work.

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