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We know that some questions about eye care are repeated more often than others. So we've compiled a list of these questions below.


If you cannot find the information you need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Optometric care frequently asked questions


1 - Why is an eye examination so important?


His eyes cannot be replaced. And you may not necessarily feel any symptoms or pain in them. An eye check helps to collect very early signs of any problems before medical treatment.


At an eye exam at Losan Clinic Optical Center we can detect underlying health problems that you are not aware of, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Even with simple light examinations, some symptoms of possible brain tumors can be detected, among others. All of these health abnormalities leave their traces in the way your eyes behave.


For this reason, an eye exam is essential to detect as soon as possible if your vision can be improved.


Remember that good vision always gives a better quality of life.


For children, for example, vision screening is essential for their eyes to function properly and to perform well in school learning, without delays or obstacles.


Never accept that poor vision is solely due to your age. Thanks to the science of optics, it may be possible to improve it even further.


Also keep in mind that it is important that your vision meets certain legal standards for driving, gun permits and certain occupations to avoid accidents to yourself and others.


Come visit us at Losan Clinic Optical Center, make an appointment and give life to your eyes.




2 - How often should I get checked?


People are not aware of the problems that our eyes can have, so they have to be examined every year.


The eye exam is a regular health check, which can detect underlying health problems, as well as changes in your vision.


In some cases, they may have to be more frequent depending on age and medical history.


Losan Clinic Optical Center will advise you when to return for your next eye exam and will usually send you a reminder by message or letter.




3 - Do I have to pay for an optical and optometric exam?


Those who seek the advice of our expert staff and purchase their glasses at our center have the right to an eye exam at the Losan Clinic Optical Center free of charge.


Holders of the Carnet Jove de l´Institut Valencià de la Joventut may also be entitled to a discount to offset the cost of glasses or contact lenses.


T All persons over 65 and retirees have special discounts throughout the year. And when acquiring their lenses or frames they enjoy all the services included in the visual examination free of charge.


If you are not in the previous categories, you will have to pay for your eye exam, it will cost between € 10 and € 45, depending on the optical services you demand.




4 - Why do I need an eye exam every year, if everything is always fine?


The eyes do not usually "complain" nor do they warn that "something is wrong". They usually start with a very gradual change to degenerate vision. Thus, people who lose sight gradually get used to it, without being aware that they see less and less. They even think "if I could see better before".


Our well-graded eye is capable of seeing 100% visual acuity, if we are not aware of them, they may be operating at 60% vision capacity or even less.


Checking your vision every year is important so that any changes can be detected as soon as possible and that the emerging problem is treated before it affects vision.


The eye exam is not just limited to checking if you need glasses, it can also show a number of underlying health problems, such as diabetes or glaucoma, as well as the general condition of your eyes.


Make your appointment every year at Losan Clinic Optical Center and let us really take care of your eyes.




5 - Why do I need regular eye exams if I am diabetic?


Your optometrist can detect the early signs of diabetic retinopathy by looking into your eyes.


If these changes are detected, they can be monitored and treated to prevent loss of sight. Early diagnosis is essential for sight.


An annual vision test is the best step you can take to protect your eyes.


Your eye exam will be provided by the Losan Clinic Optical Centerr at no cost, as long as you trust us for the purchase of your glasses or contact lenses.




6 - I am diabetic, but my vision has not changed. Why do I need an eye exam every year?


Even if your good vision thinks it remains unchanged, the small blood vessels in the retina may be changing the internal structure of the eye or your optic nerve may be being damaged.


At Losan Clinic Optical Centerr we know how to recognize these early signs and they can be treated before they cause irreversible damage to your vision.




7 - How old does my child have to be to undergo an eye examination?


Children can have an eye screening exam at any age. It is recommended that an optometrist examine them before they start school and start learning to read.


Vision problems can often be the reason why a child does not do well in school; for example, because you cannot see the whiteboard or screen.


The earlier a problem is detected, the better the chance for successful treatment. Children's eyes are fully developed at 8 years of age, so an eye examination is very important at this age.


Babies care: If the eyes seem not to be working perfectly, you will notice when the baby looks at an object, that may indicate a squint.


During the first year there are rapid changes in vision in each eye. Don't worry if your baby can't seem to concentrate or his eyes seem to wander for the first 4 months.


Signs that they need to be checked by their doctor or an optometrist are persistent eye infections (although in babies the tear ducts are not fully open for the first few months).


When in doubt, make an appointment for your baby at Losan Clinic Optical Centerr.




8 - Why does my child need to see an optometrist when he has had his eye exam at school?


Although students' eyesight is checked at school, it is not a comprehensive eye exam. Your distance vision is normally marked, but this will not detect all levels of vision.


If the large eyes squint in the short distance, a vision problem may be detected. But school check-ups are not usually carried out exhaustively because the time dedicated to each student does not allow it.


For a complete eye test, you must take your child to a registered optometrist.


If problems are not caught early, some vision defects cannot be corrected.


Your eye exam will be provided by the Losan Clinic Optical Center at no cost, as long as you trust us for the purchase of glasses or contact lenses.




9 - I have astigmatism: can I have contact lenses?


Astigmatism occurs when the eye does not focus light evenly. Contact lenses for astigmatism have been available for a decade. Most types of astigmatism can be corrected with contact lenses.


Losan Clinic Optical Center will carefully measure the exact shape of the surface of your eye to help you decide which type of contact lens will be best for you. Often, because of these precise measurements, contact lenses can be more difficult to fit exactly in the eye.




10 - How often should I have my vision checked if I wear contact lenses?


At Losan Clinic Optical Centerr we recommend that you have an annual eye exam if you regularly wear contact lenses.


In addition, check the condition of your lenses every 6 months or as regularly as we advise you at our visual health center. Frauds have been detected in the online sale of these medical devices.




11 - Can I lick my contact lenses before putting them on?


No! This is potentially harmful. By licking the contact lens, you can completely cover it with bacteria that will later be deposited in the eye.


Think about it! This is the worst possible habit you can have as a contact lens wearer. It could give you a very serious intractable infection.


At Losan Clinic Optical Center we will provide you with small moisturizing bottles that you can take with you to take care of your eyes and contact lenses.




12 - Is there a high risk of eye infection if I wear contact lenses?


Only if you don't care for your contact lenses properly. This is the reason why you have to make sure that the contact lens is completely sterilized before putting it in the eye.


Bacteria need three things to live: food, water, and heat. All of this can be provided by the eye if bacteria are found on the contact lenses.


Soft lenses are filled with water, so these organisms can survive in them.


If you use your contact lens solutions correctly and follow the advice of your practitioner, there is very little risk of infection.


There are no short cuts! The importance of contact lens hygiene cannot be neglected.


We have the best offers of solutions all year round at the Losan Clinic Optical Center.




13 - My contact lens optician has told me that I should only wear my contact lenses for 8 hours, but they still seem fine… Why do I have to remove them?


At Losan Clinic Optical Center we are fully aware of the health of your eyes and the changes that can be caused by contact lenses in them. By examining your eyes, we can assess their health.


Therefore, we will only advise reducing your usage time if this is beneficial to you.


Usually, when long-term contact lens wear does not work well, there are signs that the eyes are not getting enough oxygen, this symptom is essential for you to limit the amount of time you wear the lenses. Remember: your eyes will be healthier in the long run.


When you get up and see that the redness in your eyes does not go away, come to Losan Clinic Optical Center because there are eye drops that can aggressively damage your eyes if you use them for a long time.




14 - What does it mean to take permanent care when wearing contact lenses?


This checkup is an essential element that should be carried out by your contact lens optician, usually every 6 months.


This regular routine of permanent care is essential to monitor the health of your eyes and to ensure your permanent fit when wearing contact lenses.


Regular visits also allow your contact lens optician to keep you informed of the latest contact lens developments and ensure that you are receiving the best level of information.


At Losan Clinic Optical Center we are experts in contactology. Let us advise you.




15 - Why is it not convenient to use my glasses prescription to buy contact lenses?


The lens prescription may differ from your contact lens specification.


Additional tests and measurements are necessary to determine the correct lenses for your individual needs.


At Losan Clinic Optical Center we are experts in contactology.



16 - What should I do if my contact lenses don't make me feel good?


Always remember: When in doubt take them off!


There are several reasons why contact lenses might make you uncomfortable. Before putting contact lenses in, it is essential to have an eye examination exam to see what type of contact lenses you need.


At Losan Clinic Optical Center we are able to examine contact lenses and see if there is any damage or deposits, which could make you feel uncomfortable.


If the contact lenses are still in good condition, there may be something that is irritating your eyes, making the lenses uncomfortable.


At Losan Clinic Optical Center we will always help you.




17 - Why do you still need glasses when I wear contact lenses?


Most people cannot wear contact lenses all day or every day. It is necessary to rest from them so that the eyes can stay healthy.


It is best to allow the eyes to breathe without contact lenses normally, at least every night and preferably a whole day a week.


Therefore, it is necessary to have spare glasses.


In case of infection in the eyes by allergies, bacteria or viruses, the use of glasses is vital.


If you don't have eyeglasses to date, there is a temptation to keep the lenses in your eyes for too long. And that situation is not healthy for the organs that govern your sense of sight.


At Losan Clinic Optical Center we will help you find an optimal solution.


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