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The daily disposables are used to correct any refractive error. It is the healthiest and most comfortable way to wear contact lenses. They give you a fresh and clear perspective every day, without the need for solutions.


They are ideal for when you don't want to wear glasses; either occasionally, part-time, or every day.


Reusable contact lenses are used to correct any refractive error. They are for daily use, at the end of the day they have to be cleaned and then stored in a box of contact lenses until they are put back on.


They are ideal if you are looking for the cheapest lenses. They must be replaced every two or four weeks with a new pair, depending on the model chosen.


Astigmatism is a common condition that affects many people, both children and adults. It is caused by the shape of the eye and the results are blurred or distorted vision at all distances, which vary with the intensity of astigmatism. Contact lenses for astigmatism are specially designed to fit the shape of the person's eyes.


They are available as daily or reusable contact lenses.


As we age, presbyopia is a condition that affects almost everyone. The lens of the eye becomes less flexible so it is more difficult to adapt to focusing far and to see nearby objects at the same time, making reading more difficult.


We have the technology in multifocal contact lenses that allow you to see up close and far.



- Before handling them, you should wash your hands with soap.


- With your hands impregnated with cream or perfume, you should not manipulate the lenses.


- Try to manipulate the lenses with the tips of your fingers. Never use tweezers or pointed objects.


- Check that your contact lens is in perfect condition before putting them on.


- Remember to always replace them in the recommended period and check the expiration date.


- There are no shortcuts in caring for your eyes ...! If you have any questions, contact your specialists at the Losan Optical Center.


Come to Losan Optical Center because there are different types of maintenance fluids for different contact lenses and their needs:

Unique solution.
The most used. Provides optimal daily cleaning and disinfection. There is also the unique solution with hyaluronate that will also provide you with much more comfort.

For a more thorough cleaning.

Cleansing soap.
It is the specific solution that eliminates lipid residues.

Enzyme pills.
To eliminate protein residues.

Saline solution.
To clarify your contact lenses.

Artificial and moisturizing tears.
It is the perfect complement for anyone, whether you are a contact lens user or not.


Tears provide greater hydration to the eye increasing its feeling of freshness and comfort,

Especially if they contain hyaluronate!


We use our eyes daily, from the moment we are conscious when we wake up.

Throughout the day we fix our eyes excessively. We do it in a different way: in front of the computer, the mobile, reading with poor lighting ... All these factors of daily life can negatively affect our visual health and quality of life.


For this reason, the Colegio de Ópticos Optometrisas de la Comunidad Valenciana (COOCV) recommends a complete vision check-up every year, as the best guarantee of prevention of eye health.


Whether you want to look different for an event or want
have more comfort when doing sports
contact lenses
they are an excellent alternative to glasses.
You will love the way it looks and how others
They see you with your new lenses.

We have a wide range of contact lenses
and there is no better place to acquire them
with full manufacturing guarantee that in the
Losan Clinic Optical Center.
We are here to help you wear your contact lenses
be simple and easy at all times.
Thank you for choosing us...
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