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Designer Crypto Glasses Collection

At the Losan Clinical Optical Center we make available to collectors and investors an exclusive collection of cryptoglasses made in a personalized way by the artist María Gómez and the illustrator Alicia Thibaut Tadeo.

You choose through a form the design characteristics you want for your cryptoglass, type, color, size, etc.

Once the payment is made, in five days you will receive an encrypted file with your personalized and exclusive work.


Please, follow the steps described here in order to obtain your exclusive cryptoglass model:

OPTION 1: Send a photo of yourself and the work is done based on this image.

Send the file you want your design to be created with to:

Indicating your name and surname. 

OPTION 2:Without an image, the artist creates freely with the parameters that you indicate in the form.

Then fill out the form with all the details and specifications.


* Campos Obligatorios

If you have any questions or queries, you can contact us via

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